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Connect your financial accounts, or enter expenses using our quick and slick Toshl apps. Toshl helps you with the financial means. So you can focus on the goals.

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Toshl shows how your money flows.

River flow
Monthly overview

Money flows in, but where does it go next? See your financial flows for the current month or over a longer time period. Set up budgets and saving accounts so it doesn't flow away too quickly.

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Instantly compare how much you spent to the time already passed in the month. Add your main budget into the mix and you'll know exactly how much you have Left to spend while stacking to your financial goals.

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Learn from the past, plan for the future. See your finances across a longer time period. Evaluate your past monthly balances, spending on individual categories and marvel in the growth of your net worth. Hopefully.

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Do you know where your money really goes each month? Break it down by category, tag and discover where your hidden money sinkhole lie.

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Put your spending on the map. But just for your eyes. Get the sum of your spending per store, restaurant or bar and find out why those waiters love you so much.

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Data entry. Easy as pie.

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4 quick taps to add an expense or income

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Import from file

8 file import formats supported in the web app

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Trusted by

Wendy Naze
Dec 30, 2019 Google Play
I love this app. Helps me stay on top of my finances. I manually enter everything, only takes maybe 5 minutes a day. Really helping me get ahead.
Jorge Luis Botero B.
Jan 5, 2020 Google Play
Simply the best app in the market. I have tried all of them, after the messy collapse of MoneyManager EX I had to hunt for a true replacement and after months of frustration and lost money in other apps, I finally found this wonderful Toshl: clear and customizable, affordable price and amazing budgeting, cashflow and visualization features. This is one of the few apps that I am truly happy to pay for! Please never disappoint us Toshl team!! We love you
MaryG Waithaka
Aug 28, 2019 Google Play
I. Love. It! I know exactly how much I spend on everything!! Everyone should have this app #enoughsaid
Akmal Irfan
Jun 17, 2019 Twitter
I can now split my expenses on @Toshl. This is useful for putting different items into different categories when shopping at a hypermarket for example.
    Gustavo Russo
    Dec 21, 2019 Google Play
    Excelente app simple intuitiva y el flujo de dinero es lo más!
    Hugo 53
    Jan 6, 2020 App Store
    Great app for maintaining my expenses on a month by month basis. Expenses are entered on the go and then exports a monthly report for easy printing. I have used Toshl for many years and plan to continue for many more.
    Kate Cygnar
    Oct 27, 2019 Google Play
    Developers are very responsive to user feedback and suggestions, and it shows with the very user-friendly interface and feature-rich app.
    ကို ဇေယျ
    Dec 31, 2019 Google Play
    It's made budgeting so much easier!
    Sieg Prigge
    Oct 21, 2019 Twitter
    Use a budget tracker like @Toshl to track your monthly expenses. You will be surprised at the difference between what you think you spend and what you actually spend per month on certain categories #Toshl
      Conor Walsh
      Dec 19, 2019 Interview
      A great finance tracking app, Toshl is linked to all my online bank accounts and Paypal. It automatically tracks all my income and expenses, excluding cash & MPESA mobile money, in any currency.
        Jan 1, 2020 App Store
        Maan Mohammad
        Dec 19, 2019 Google Play
        App is great and all, I wish it had an option of linking two or more accounts together to track couple/group spending from joint accounts..
        Juan Antonio Cruz Soler
        Dec 17, 2019 Google Play
        Fantastic automated finance management app .My 5 * for you the great subscription subscription would be great to be able to link options such as stocks, forex etc ... All kinds of investments ... Thank you Toshl team app.
        Аня Аня
        Dec 13, 2019 Google Play
        Приложение отличное! Приятное глазу оформление, простота использования, достойный функционал. Правда, что бы было просто, надо сначала посидеть и разобраться :) Очень жалко, что нет мануала на русском. Но и с автоматическим переводом страницы в браузере многое становится понятнее и проще. ...
        Ali Tagizade
        Dec 6, 2019 Google Play
        My life saving app! It changed the way I handle money. Every expense is quickly added on my phone via the widget. I willingly pay the small yearly fee for the pro version which opens up the recurring transaction addition. Big thanks to the talented developers!
        Chavdar Chenkov
        Sep 27, 2019 Facebook
        Great support and amazing app! I am really happy with all bank connections and auto update of my accounts! Good job guys!
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